Why is ITSM so essential?

ITSM remains top of the agenda

In 2013, investing in a portal specializing in ITSM might be perceived as a little old fashioned. Growing trends such as global outsourcing and Cloud computing are dramatically transforming the Service Delivery models. The golden age of frameworks such as ITIL seems to be a little behind us. Quite a mistake! More than ever, there needs  to be an awareness that Service Delivery model changes do not reduce IT department's responsibility towards their customers. IT to Business alignment of their Services remains the n°1 priority. Even worse it could make it more complex to maintain. 

End to End IT Service Vision

Perfect mastery of internal and external contributions to IT Service delivery remains crucial. IT Services remain at the heart of our concerns.  They represent the output consumed by the customers. A Business Line does not buy infrastructures alone, nor applications. Its expectations are to have end-to-end Services for an affordable price which keep its 'cost-to-delivery' outputs  competitive for its own market. Remembering this result helps us never lose sight that ITSM remains top of the agenda!