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By coincidence (and luck) of readings and web searching, some articles and web pages caught our attention. As we think they complement our vision and beliefs, we would like to share them with you, and we warmly recommend you to have a look on them.


Quality of Service


“Help-Desk: 10 recommendations to use relevantly feedbacks from your customers”

by Thierry Tailhardat from Bomgar,

Channel Business Partners online magazine, published on March 2014


We recommend you to read this (french) article about best practices in quality and satisfaction measurement of a Service-Desk, in order to get significative and usable feedbacks.

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“Creating a Culture of Quality”

by Ashwin Srinivasan and Bryan Kurey, respectively managing director and senior director at CEB,

Harvard Business Review, published on April 2014


What is essential when promoting quality processes, and behind a quality culture, within an organization which is not naturally plugged for it? This article explores Key Success Factors such as leadership emphasis, management credibility, peers and stakeholders empowerment and ownership. These factors perfectly apply to ITSM implementation projects where a comparable culture needs to be established

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HR Management


“Mindfulness in the age of complexity”

Interview of Ellen Langer,

Harvard Business Review, published on March 2014


How giving space to individual creation or expression, and increasing the “mindfulness” of everybody, you can reach superior results with a greater coordinated performance. Bringing people into present makes them providing the best of themselves even when applying repetitive control tasks (as checklists are), with intelligence, avoiding predictable risks, acting responsibly for quality results. Though, it is about mind openness, lightening how rules and tools should be implemented depending on the context and the culture in order to improve process outputs. All of these thoughts strongly apply to ITSM. Mindless people can easily lose the added-value sought by well defined processes and tools.

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“IDEO’s Culture of Helping”

by Teresa Amabile, Colin M. Fisher, and Julianna Pillemer,

Harvard Business Review, published on January – February 2014


Here is an astonishing article about how to manage creativity within teams. This article presents principles and results from a singular experience of a “helping culture” developed since decade within IDEO Company. Dynamics and performance, this approach creates, could perfectly be adapted to ITSM processes where effective analysis, investigation, and solution design are sought.  I recommend you this amazing article where obviously people and management have found a way to implement processed principles in a genuine voluntary way. 

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Configuration Management


“The heart of CMDB: realizing value through relationships”

by Mark Kawasaki, IT Service Management specialist at the Emery University (Atlanta),

BrightTalk, published on June 2013


An interesting return of experience through an orverview of a CMDB design and implementation project, explaining modelling choices,convictions about objectives,CI usage, relation's naming, data updating and controlling approaches, that gives good trails to follow for its own CMDB project. 

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Service Strategy


“How to build a Service Management Strategy”

by Christina Torode, Editorial Director of the SearchCIO online magazine,

Published on September 2011


This is a resume of ingredients taken from Sharon Taylor's book "Service Intelligence: Improving Your Bottom Line with the Power of IT Service Management"constituting the "anatomy of a Service". This article provides some inputs on what a Service is and provides basic information for a Service Catalog. Sharon Taylor is the ITIL's chief examiner and its former chief architect, was former chairman of ITSM international, and is president of Aspect Group Inc. 

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Leading Change


“The hard side of Change Management”

by Harold L.Sirkin, Perry Keenan, and Alan Jackson (all from Boston Consulting Group)

Harvard Business Review, published on October 2005


An interesting reminder about the right mix of soft and hard factors when leading cultural change in an organization. These recommendations are to be integrated into any of our ITSM projects (remind the 4 factors: Duration, Integrity, Commitment, Efforts).

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