Education is at the heart of ITSM projects success. Through Education, IT stakeholders share a common vision of the objectives of ITSM projects, of their expected benefits, and of the path to achieve them. The challenge of education is to turn academic theory into practical knowledge which is immediately employable in day-to-day life. Learning concepts and high level practice are not enough to achieve your ITSM project objectives.

Our ambition is to be complementary to official training, providing easy-to-read materials with deep and relevant content at both pedagogical and practical levels. Sound experience, tips, and practical visuals help attendees to assimilate topics with the best understanding within a short timeframe.

Our Value Proposition to them

Our value proposition is to intensify the exchange of knowledge between the trainer and his/her course attendees, giving deep insight and true vision of “real-life”, provoking innovation and constructive initiatives, for most effective competences.