IT suppliers and outsourcers want to become the preferred partner for their customers. To do so, they extend their offering and get-up on the value scale of services, in order to be seen as strategic by supporting business objectives, and no longer as facility suppliers.  ITSM best-practices are the backbone of the reliability and the performance of their services they aimed at being perceived as highly industrialized. Move from the commercial speech to operational reality is often difficult. Best practices must be anchored in their culture and in their tangible assets.

Our ambition is to help IT Service Providers build their building blocks to achieve their positioning strategy towards their customers. 

Our Value Proposition to them.

Our value proposition is to give IT Service Providers the keys for designing cutting edge IT Services prevailing on their competitor ones. These valuable inputs will make IT Service Providers building industrial Service supply chain, that strongly contribute to their customer challenges, being much more agile, excellent, and cost effective.