IT Service: a badly shared notion (Part 3)

By Laurent Duenas, January 12th 2013 


 How to proceed to identify IT Services?


According to the fineness level you wish to reach and the time to can devote to it, methods vary with more or less useful results. 

Having understood that IT Services are not easy to identify and are frequently confused with other types of Services, the question raised is how to identify them without being mistaken? Several approaches are possible. Depending on the degree of fineness you want to reach and the time you can devote to it, methods vary, with more or less useful results. The closer you get to a fineness specific to business management acts, the more tedious the identification of IT Services turns out to be. So, efforts must be sparsely managed to stick to priorities. 5 different approaches are presented here as examples. There are probably others unexplored in the present article. These approaches range progressively from the simplest and quickest to the most precise and longest to implement.

The chart hereunder gives us the main characteristics to compare them:

For complementary information you can read the article of Christina Torode (SearchCIO magazine), about indredients of IT Services, based on excerpts from the Sharon Taylor's book "Service Intelligence: Improving Your Bottom Line with the Power of IT Service Management". 



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