All IT departments wish to improve their organization in order to provide the best Services to their internal or external customers. To do so, IT departments establish ITSM projects, implementing a set of best-practices, to improve the quality of service and the performance of their organization. But moving from idea to the practice stage is often difficult. Designing working processes, giving sense to rules & policies, getting stakeholder buy-in and overcoming resistance to change all require a good understanding of ITSM framework, a relevant strategic vision, and convincing arguments to support a cultural change.

Our ambition is to enlighten IT departments on the valuable assets they hold in their hands and make them clear about the success path to follow.

Our Value Proposition to them

Our value proposition is to give IT stakeholders the necessary broad view and understanding to build industrial and responsive processes, enabling the design of reliable IT Services, tailored for a competitive environment; and to deploy them with agility and security in order to not miss business opportunities.

The ultimate result would be to make IT departments contributors to the excellence and innovation capabilities of the company, facilitating new customer acquisition and retaining the existing ones.