An introduction to the founder


 Laurent Duenas, ITSM expert and promoter 

Laurent Duenas has 25 years experience as IT professional with a varied career in IT Service Management: first in an internal IT department in the industry sector, then leading his own consulting company, and today being actively involved in business development for a European IT Service Provider. MBA graduate from ESCP Europe and ITIL certified (V2 Service Manager and ITIL V3 Expert), he has been constantly involved in ITIL framework promotion through his own business activities as an ITIL consultant and trainer, or as a contributor to itSMF workshops and specialized press publications. To further share his beliefs, he becomes in 2009 an author dedicated to ITSM best practices. He founded “” portal in March 2013 with the aim of providing valuable publications to IT professionals in the quest of quality, efficiency, and business alignment.

“When I started project, I wished to create a place where IT professionals could find true tips and knowledge giving practical answers to questions often asked when beginning an ITSM project. We all start with the same one: Which process should I start with? But much more difficult ones come after, as: Which best-practices should I implement to provide the expected value to my customers? Which best-practice provides what? Should I implement all to get benefits? Is the way I’m doing this the right one? How do I avoid tunnel effect or overcome resistance to change? Etc." 

Official books provide limited guidance on these practical questions. They can provide you with a comprehensive set of best-practices at your fingertips, you can now put a name to them, but you can still feel that you have a lot to explore by yourself to implement them. This is what Laurent Duenas wanted to address when he created portal. His purpose is not to propose purely methodological content to be applied in a blind manner, but to associate analytical and critical sense, based on feedback from a community of ITSM Experts. And he wants to make this capitalized knowledge accessible, in a very easy-to-use way, to the largest audience of IT professionals.

"My professional experience showed me that if you can easily find men and women able to show the utility of the technology to support business outputs, it is harder to find those who can explain in concrete words how to build and maintain warranties sustaining business outcomes. Why? Because people are generally more interested in technology than in process alignment and human behavior. Technology in itself cannot answer how to support IT Services according to business criticality. Consciousness of every individual contribution to business objectives in the day-to-day operations is one of the most challenging objectives that you find in every ITSM project. This is the aim to which I decided to dedicate my project."

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