Change, Release, and Projects: Difficult interfaces (Part 1)

The facts 

Apparent redundancies in responsibilitiesQuality of Service

Redundancies in responsibility and decision-making bodies are often observed in IT organizations which have implemented various frameworks such as ITIL, CMMI, PMBok, Prince2, etc. Incompatibilities and potential conflicts due to redundancies are probably a source of misunderstanding between the various parties. They are the major reason why departments do not search for areas of overlap and intersection and keep their own frameworks to the boundaries of their responsibilities.

Focusing specifically on Project Manager, Change Manager or Release Manager roles, the decision-making authority on change is clearly not formalized and becomes a source of conflicts.

The illustration below shows the potential redundancies between Change Management and Project Management:

* PMO: Steering and decision-making authority (matrix organization model) on projects portfolio.


In the same way, overlapping zones are also observed between Release and Deployment Management and Project Management.


The chart below shows the potential redundancies between Release and Deployment Management and Project Management:

No process overlap and intersection

As Design and Release both stick to their own favorite framework in every organization, processes are not transverse. Activities specified in processes are confined within organizations limits. And Change Management has difficulty occupying its scope as specified in ITIL.




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