Big Data: a big train to catch (Part 2)

By Laurent Duenas, May, 2nd 2013 


Where are the ITSM contributions to Big Data?

Let’s divide the involved IT services (or components) into 3 categories and identify which warranties coming from ITSM are most important to each of them:

1. Big Data components as data containers, specific data management software, and their specific infrastructure (computing power, storage).

2. IT services providing the data input and their connectors: It could be back-office or front-office IT Services, or external Information Systems, and their relating connectors collecting the data source into the containers.

3. The front-office functionalities using Big Data outcomes for interaction with customers (or end-users if it is for internal usage).

Big Data model - 1.png

Warranties to be embedded




What is the complexity for IT people to face this challenge?

All IT technicians involved in Big Data should consider that what they are developing is part of a global value chain. If Big Data projects lead to separate management of their infrastructures  and applications, as if it was separate from the company core application, they will get it wrong. It is essential to re-think the way all components involved in the value chain are managed by the same critical thought process. IT pros are keen to focus on technical aspects and as new technologies are involved, “Big Data” will not escape from this deviation. IT pros must realize the global importance of “Big Data” and manage the available functions accordingly in front-office IT Services as much more important than the responsiveness of data model processing.



It’s evident that ITSM makes valuable contributions to ”Big Data” value creation. ITSM inputs must be implemented with the concerns of “Big Data” projects.  As “Big Data” is integrated into Service Strategy and the design of Service models, a more consistent supply chain is built which fully supports various business objectives present in “Big Data” projects.

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