Our content is aimed at all IT professionals involved in IT Service design, deployment and support stage.

Working for IT suppliers or for end-user companies, working as managers, operators or consultants, we understand that you are concerned with building a good understanding of how Service Management can improve Service quality and performance and create real value for your organization.

IT Service Departments

All IT departments wish to improve their organization in order to provide the best Services to their internal or external customers. To do so, IT departments establish ITSM projects, implementing a set of best-practices, to improve the quality of service and the performance of their organization. But moving from idea to the practice stage is often difficult. Designing working processes, giving sense to rules & policies, getting stakeholder buy-in and overcoming resistance to change all require a good understanding of ITSM framework, a relevant strategic vision, and convincing arguments to support a cultural change.

Our ambition is to enlighten IT departments on the valuable assets they hold in their hands and make them clear about the success path to follow.

Our Value Proposition to them

Our value proposition is to give IT stakeholders the necessary broad view and understanding to build industrial and responsive processes, enabling the design of reliable IT Services, tailored for a competitive environment; and to deploy them with agility and security in order to not miss business opportunities.

The ultimate result would be to make IT departments contributors to the excellence and innovation capabilities of the company, facilitating new customer acquisition and retaining the existing ones.

IT Service Suppliers

IT suppliers and outsourcers want to become the preferred partner for their customers. To do so, they extend their offering and get-up on the value scale of services, in order to be seen as strategic by supporting business objectives, and no longer as facility suppliers.  ITSM best-practices are the backbone of the reliability and the performance of their services they aimed at being perceived as highly industrialized. Move from the commercial speech to operational reality is often difficult. Best practices must be anchored in their culture and in their tangible assets.

Our ambition is to help IT Service Providers build their building blocks to achieve their positioning strategy towards their customers. 

Our Value Proposition to them.

Our value proposition is to give IT Service Providers the keys for designing cutting edge IT Services prevailing on their competitor ones. These valuable inputs will make IT Service Providers building industrial Service supply chain, that strongly contribute to their customer challenges, being much more agile, excellent, and cost effective.

IT Solution vendors

Solution vendors are business enablers through the design of innovative software to increase productivity and quality of IT Departments or IT Service Providers. Embedding ITSM best-practices into their tools, they enable IT professionals to achieve better service levels. But numerous ITSM best-practices still to be geared up to become “state-of-the-art” or, in some cases, created to provide right solutions to new challenges their customers are facing within their competitive market.

Our ambition is to accompany Vendor's research & development programs by sharing our research and innovation outcomes as requirements books, data models, rules or policies mechanisms. 

Our Value Proposition to them

Our value proposition is to provide innovative models for ITSM concepts in order to make software solutions a source of creativity and innovation that help their customers to enhance their IT Service excellence and to increase their ability to face market challenges.

IT Consultants

The value of consulting companies is to assist IT organizations evolve towards more excellent practices. Through their analytic skills and their 'leading change' capabilities, Consultants appear as a steering engine to innovation and performance improvement. To stay at the top level of consulting and always to provide a breath of fresh air within organizations, consultants have to remain on the cutting-edge of Service Management expertise.

Our ambition is to provide, to IT consultants, innovative advice and practical guidelines for designing and implementing ITSM best-practices, and become a source of inspiration to them.

Our value proposition to them

Our ambition is to make IT Consultants facilitators of change with relevance and ingenuity. We want to be a refreshing 'think-tank' enabling IT Consultants to generate new visions and provide appropriate recommendations to their customers.

IT Training providers

Education is at the heart of ITSM projects success. Through Education, IT stakeholders share a common vision of the objectives of ITSM projects, of their expected benefits, and of the path to achieve them. Difficulty relating to education is the ability to turn academic theory into practical knowledge immediately employable into the day-to-day life. Learning concepts and high level practice are not enough to bring up IT professionals to the achievement of ITSM projects objective.

Our ambition is to be complementary to official trainings, providing easy-to-read materials with deep and relevant contents at both pedagogical and practical levels. Sounded experience, tips, and practical visuals, help attendees to apprehend topics with the best understanding within a short timeframe. 


Our value proposition to them

Our value proposition is to intensify the exchange of knowledge between the trainer and his/her course attendees, giving deep insight and true vision of "real-life" provoking leading thoughts and constructive initiatives, for most effective competences.