About Partners



Our partners network is an ecosystem consisting of professionals, companies and free-lancers all along the design and delivery chain.  They are at the source of the research and innovation process as in the distribution or the promotion of the outcomes. They have been selected for the quality or the singularity of their contribution which is required to support our publications.



Our network of distributors makes our publications accessible close to the largest audience. We deliberately wanted this network international to be read from everywhere and from every culture. From this large audience we expect a lot of exchange and improvements. Distributors have been selected among the most representative actors locally or internationally.


Contributors to “theITSMpractitioner” projects are experts in IT Service Management practicing in different specialties and for several organizations as end-user companies, vendors, or as consultants. This variety of itineraries provides the wider return of experience. Their selection is based on quality of their production, the value of their conviction, and the singularity of their approach. They can be contradictory and tend to be less dogmatic in their views. Their perspective and their ability to transmit their experience are their best skills.


Their contribution is independent of any Vendor’s solution or Service Provider’s offering. We are not tied to any brand, we have no commercial partnerships, and our capital is not owned by any Vendor or IT Service company. We remain free of thinking and free to publish our contents according to our convictions. For same reasons, we apply a strict control in our publications in order to publish true experience feedback instead of partisan advice.

Professional Associations

Professional Associations are prominent players in the development and promotion of ITSM best-practices. They represent the voice of the different stakeholders in the IT market (customer associations, IT Service Providers, Solution Vendors, IT Consultancy companies and IT Training Providers). They have many skilled members and contributors, they liven up workshops, promote idea-sharing and offer mature advice from their spheres of influence. We contribute to their outcomes through collaborations on specific topics.


Normative and Educational Establishments

'Establishments' covers different types of institutions which have a guiding and pedagogic role in defining and promoting Standards, Norms and Certification Programs for people or for organizations. They represent major initiators of international norms and standards frameworks in the field of IT Service Management. We integrate their outcomes as referential input within our work and contribute to their assimilation by the audience, through our objective and independent perspective. We are also happy to participitate to their work when sollicited.